Insurance Subrogation & Recovery


The attorneys at Howard & Festa are a valuable resource for insurers seeking to recover some or all of a loss or claim from other responsible parties and/or insurance companies.  Our services range from subrogation to complex recovery, reimbursement, and contribution claims involving multiple insurers and multiple policies. 


If your insured has multiple layers of potential coverage from another insurer(s), whether consecutive or concurrent policies, you need to know the facts about reserving rights and preserving claims.  We routinely analyze claims of all exposure levels for potential avenues to recover defense costs, settlements, and/or judgements paid by our insurance clients.  In the event coverage is denied by another potentially liable insurer, methodical steps must be taken to prevent waiver/estoppel issues. 


We proudly offer free consultations on these subrogation and recovery claims.  The earlier in the life of the claim we can be involved, the better we can serve you.  Please contact our office today for more information.